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Our History:

This Old Guitar Music Store started in 2001 to serve the community and surrounding counties with a full line music store offering all instruments from guitars to violins to all band instruments as well as drums and percussion items. The store also offers lessons on all instruments including guitar, drums, piano, banjo, mandolin, violin, fiddle, brass and woodwind instruments and vocal lessons. The store is located at 106 W. 2nd. Street downtown Seymour in what used to be Baldwins Drug Store. Owner Larry McDonald recalls every Saturday for three years he would stop in Baldwins to buy a cherry coke, then walk across the street to Silver’s Music Store for drum lessons. Those were great memories of downtown and want to keep those memories alive. The walls of the store are lined with pictures of the music history of the 1960’s and 1970”s bands from high school days including Snake Pit to The 5 M’s and history of past and present family members that played music from the Stonehill Brothers,Coles,and the Revalee sisters. The store was featured in John Mellencamp’s biography on A&E. This Old Guitar Music Store takes a great deal of pride in its offering of all the various types of lessons available and a great staff working the counter and all the qualified instructors that teach at the store. The store is capable of teaching beginners of all ages as well as advanced students. Several lines of guitars, amps, and drums ranging from beginners to advanced are offered. The store also has a band called The TOG Band for hire for all events. Please stop by and visit. The staff and instructors will be happy to serve your music needs. You can call us at (812)-524-8986 or visit us on the web @ or E-Maill us at [email protected]